Section 518

Where we endeavor to stay positive about the 2011 Mets…

Welcome to Section 518!

Posted by JD on March 26, 2009

This is a blog about the New York Mets and other relevant (or not) topics. The title refers to the location of the blog’s seats high above the third base line in the upper deck of New Shea Stadium.  Our goal: to document game observations, critiques, and criticisms as well as general thoughts about the Mets. As time goes on, Section 424 and Section 403 will fill the same niche for the NY Rangers and the NY Knicks, respectively. For now we hope you participate in and enjoy the conversation here.

We hope to augment the already-robust NY Mets blogo-nets (and eventually the Rangers’ and Knicks’ as well). As a fervent reader of existing Mets blogs, this blog will link to sites such as,,,, and others. There’s nothing this blog can do that they can’t do better. Each are worthy of the maximum amount of page-views you can muster and this blog will repeat that theme as often as possible. That being said, we certainly intend to make this blog as interesting as possible and hope you come back early and often.

Thanks in advance for reading, and we hope you enjoy.


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