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Gary Sheffield – No Thanks

Posted by JD on April 1, 2009

The Detroit Tigers released veteran outfielder Gary Sheffield today.  Three quick thoughts: 1). It’s unheard of to release a player sitting on 499 homeruns, 2). That speaks volumes about his impact on the clubhouse, and 3).  I hope he doesn’t sign with the Mets.

Although the Mets could use a power right-handed bat for their bench, Sheffield just isn’t a good fit.  From a production standpoint, his OPS dropped to .726 last season, his lowest mark since 1989 and his lowest ever in a season in which he received at least 400 at bats.  Yes, he hit 19 home runs playing in spacious Comerica Park.  But he was primarily a DH, and having seen Citi Field’s right field I have no confidence that he could be even a competent right fielder.

However, it’s his clubhouse reputation that has me concerned, even though I typically tend to put less weight on this aspect than others.  I’ll tolerate a bad attitude as like as long as a player can produce.  However, Sheffield has a long resume of attitude issues with each of the teams that have previously employed him.  His reputation among players is said to be better, but adding such a combustible personality to this locker room is asking for trouble.

And don’t forget that he’s Doc Gooden’s nephew.  This in and of itself would be no issue, however, Sheffield has gone on record in the past with his displeasure with the organization and ownership regarding their treatment of Doc.  Is he right?  Who knows.  But I do know that he’d have to hit 40 homers for the Wilpons to willingly bring him in, and Omar’s too smart to risk that.

Which is just fine with me.  I just don’t want to see Gary Sheffield on the 2009 New York Mets.


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