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Mets Comparibles

Posted by JD on April 2, 2009

It’s a slow day for me, so I decided to borrow (ok, outright steal) an idea from one of my favorite writers, Joe Posnanski.  Using the Similar Players feature of Baseball Reference, I’ve decided to go through the Mets’ 2009 Opening Day roster to review player comparisons.  Note that I’m including Livan Hernandez, but excluding Nick Evans, Daniel Murphy, Darren O’Day, and Bobby Parnell (their sample sizes were too small to calculate similar players).

Next to each Met are the three most similar batters/pitchers through an equivalent age and their comparison score (click here for a full explanation, but 1,000 would be a perfect match).  Here they are, in no particular order:

Carlos Beltran: Shawn Green (919), Bobby Bonds (919), Dale Murphy (911).  Baseball Reference does not differentiate between the three outfield positions.  That being said, a two-time MVP is not a bad comparison at all.

Pedro Feliciano: Ricardo Rincon (979), Pat Perry (978), Rich Rodriguez (976).  Strongest correlations yet, and it makes sense.  Three lefty relievers, all of which had a couple of decent seasons.  And that’s really all we can say here.

Jose Reyes: Larry Doyle (934), Bill Dahlen (933), Ryne Sandberg (931).  Not sure what to make of Doyle and Dahlen as they both played about 100 years before Jose.  Sandberg is an interesting comparison.  I always pictured him as a power hitter, but Jose has actually outhomered him age 25 (61-60, though Jose had 700 more at bats).  The OBP sticks out though, Jose with .336 compared to Ryne with .339.  Guess Ryne didn’t walk as much as I thought.

Ramon Castro: Todd Greene (970), Doug Mirabelli (966), Brian Johnson (959).  Bunch of back-ups.  Now let’s see how he stacks up to Brian Schneider.

Brian Schneider: John Stearns (962), Ray Fosse (961), Mike Heath (958).  Wow.  I figured that Schnieder would have better comparables just do to the advantage in at bats.  But John Stearns?  Well, I’m going to have to re-evaluate Mr. Schnieder in light of this news.

Johan Santana: Roy Oswalt (943), Tim Hudson (938), John Candelaria (938).  The Candy Man? Really? Granted, the comparison is not all that close, but I was sort of stunned that it’s as close as it is.  Then I saw that he had a 118 ERA+ durning his comparible seasons and posted the following line in 1977: 20-5 in 33 starts (230 2/3 innings) with a 2.34 ERA and a 169 ERA+.  So, not a bad comparison in the end.

Luis Castillo: Johnny Evers (to-Tinkers-Chance!, 914), Dave Cash (914), Willie Randolph (909).  This made it all worth it.  So glad I did these comparisons.

Mike Pelfrey: John Lackey (992), Carl Pavano (989), Jason Isringhausen (986).  No.1 thrills me, No.2 scares me sh*tless, and No. 3 makes me nostalgic.  Mike Pelfrey = John Lackey?  Fingers crossed.

David Wright: Eric Chavez (922), Dick Allen(910), Harlond Clift (908).  Dick Allen is arguably a HOF candidate, but there’s not really a strong correlation here.  And wow, Eric Chavez has really fallen off the cliff, hasn’t he?  Knock on wood, David.  Knock on wood.

J.J. Putz: Roberto Hernandez (966), Dave Veres (954), Tom Henke (950).  I would not be upset if he was our closer.  Which brings to mind our next Met…

Francisco Rodriguez: Gregg Olsen (942), Bruce Sutter (921), Bobby Thigpen (915).  I admit to hoping that we’d see a Rivera comparison but, alas, it was not to be.  One fan’s opinion: I’d take the young Roberto Hernandez over the slightly older Olsen, but Sutter over Veres any day.  Guess this was a push?

Marlon Anderson: Billy Cox (953), Geoff (gold)Blum (944), Phil Masi (943).  I might prefer Blum at this point.  But just for fun, here’s Bobby Kielty’s comparables: Mike Young (962), Buster Adams (961), Jason Michaels (960).  Yes, I’d rather have Jason Michaels than Billy Cox.  But apparently, Omar and Jerry disagree.

John Maine: Kris Benson (977), Joe Cowley (974), Mike Krukow (972).  So basically, what we have is Kris Benson without the hot, annoying wife.  After seeing this, I so badly want to see John have a great year.

Ryan Church: Chet Laabs (971), Jim Lemon (966), Josh Willingham (965).  Here’s another player that could use a dose of consistency.  Hope he finds it this season.

Carlos Delgado: Fred McGriff (886), Jim Thome (884), Frank Thomas (881). Not a bad group to be in.  Not as imposing as I expected, but the Big Hurt will get into the HOF and the other two will be knocking on the door.

Oliver Perez: Mark Langston (954), Bobby Witt (950), Frank Viola (941).  Wow.  Well then, Ollie.  The bar has been set.  Bring it.

Sean Green: Scott Proctor (987), Richie Lewis (986), Ricky Stone (986).  This suggests that Sean will be a useful member of the pen…music to my ears.

Fernando Tatis(tic): Not sure why, but Baseball Reference does not give a Similar by Age for Fernando.  His top three Similar Players are Ty Wiggington (965), Eric Soderholm (959)  and Sean Berry (956).  I find this interesting considering there was a bit of a groundswell to sign Wiggie this season.  We’ll have to readdress this one in November.

Alex Cora: Rob Wilfong (975), UL Washington (962), Rick Dempsey (961).  Can’t make much of a personal judgement on this comparison.  Not sure what to expect from Cora other than above-average middle infield defense.  Looking forward to seeing him play.

Brian Stokes: Greg Hansell (989), Doug McWeeny (988), Jeff McCurry (987).  Oh, do I wish we had Doug McWeeny to hand the ball to J.J. Putz.  Alas, he’s been dead for 56 years. 

Jeremy Reed: Jermaine Allensworth (982), Johnny Wyrostek (979), Willie Tasby (978). I remember Jermaine Allensworth (’98-99).  Hope Jeremy is a better hitter, but I have a feeling it won’t matter much in the end.  And if it does, the Mets are in trouble.

Livan Hernandez: Mike Moore (945), Andy Benes (943), Brad Radke (936).  Not the worst comparisons, however, keep in mind that this is using Livan’s legal age of 33.  And if you believe he’s that young, well, there’s not much I can do for you.  All we can do with Livan is hope he’s got something left in the tank.


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