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Gary Sheffield – Redux

Posted by JD on April 4, 2009

Earlier this week, I staked out my position on the Gary Sheffield signing.  Today the Mets opted to acquire Sheffield.  I still don’t think this will work out, but I can’t kill Omar for it.  It’s a “low risk, high reward” move that addresses a glaring weakness: righthanded power off the bench.  It buys time for Fernando Martinez and Nick Evans to develop in the minor leagues.  And this is the right time of year to try something like this.  It’s early enough that there will be plenty of time to acquire or promote a replacement if Sheffield bombs.

Sheffield may benefit from the switch to the NL.  Even though his defense is sure to be atrocious, he may start bombing away on the somewhat inferior pitching he’s sure to face.  Maybe his return to the New York stage will energize him and he’ll get that much closer to his stated goal of 3,000 hits.  For $400,000, it’s worth giving it a shot.

Still, I can’t shake the feeling that he’ll become a malcontent should he fail to become an everyday player.  Chemistry is overrated.  However, mental fatigue from answering unending press inquiries and reading negative articles can carry weight.  My only hope is that Omar is as quick to end the experiment if it goes bad as he was to sign up for it in the first place.


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