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Citi Field Security

Posted by JD on April 11, 2009

Security in Action at Citi Field

Security in Action at Citi Field

One of the reasons I love having a season ticket is immersing myself in the day-to-day activity that goes on around the stadium. Whether it’s getting to know the fans in my section or the vendors that work in the area, I love observing the tendancies and foibles of everyone surrounding me.  In fact, I often lose sight of the game itself because I get lost in the minutia of the ballpark.

To that end, I loved watching security in action. In the upper deck at Shea, you could see them coming from the other side of the stadium, briskly walking along the walkway in their bright orange jackets.  I used to love watching the fights and seeing security grab the offender and escort them off the premesis.

I doubt this will change at Citi Field. I observed security in action at the first exhibition game on April 3rd.  A rowdy fan was removed from the Pepsi Party Deck in


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