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Ollie Update

Posted by JD on April 11, 2009

Is this what crow tastes like? Because I sure have been eating some since yesterday.

The third inning reminded of yesterday’s game me of Mission Impossible (the movie).  Good Ollie was in control for the first 2 and 2/3 when he reached under his shirt, grabbed his neck, and pulled off the mask, revealing Evil Ollie.  Evil Ollie promptly self-destructed and carnage resulted. Sigh.

Momma said there’d be days like this.  I’m on record saying that Ollie will win 15. Yesterday’s start absolutely shook my confidence, but I’m still driving that bandwagon.  Mark my words: Ollie will have several big days for the Mets this summer.

Next up: Ollie’s first team, the San Diego Padres on Wednesday night in Citi Field.  I will be in attendance live tweeting the game, hoping Good Ollie shows up early and stays late.


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