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Where we endeavor to stay positive about the 2011 Mets…

Home Opener

Posted by JD on April 13, 2009

The Mets officially open Citi Field tonight.  The game will receive national prime-time exposure on ESPN.  The pregame ceremony will feature Tom Seaver throwing the first pitch to Mike Piazza (I hope The Franchise takes a few warm-ups because I sure don’t want to see him bounce it like John Franco did).

Tonight formally ends the Shea Stadium era for the Mets.  As excited as I am for the new stadium and the new season, I’ll have to take a few minutes on the way in to reminisce about the many memories from Shea.  I’m still not used to seeing the empty space in the skyline where Shea once stood.

Regardless, it should be a fun and exciting evening.  I’ll be there, live blogging via Twitter (follow me: @section518) from Section 518 with @woodsidemet.  Hopefully Big Pelf and the Mets usher in the Citi Field era with a win.  Let’s Go Mets!


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