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Spontaneous Explosion of Emotion

Posted by JD on April 15, 2009

Yesterday’s home opener was something of a let down. Big Pelf was jittery from jump street (Really? What gave it away, the home run to Jody Gerut on the third pitch? So observant!), Ryan Church made an ill-timed error (Are there ever any well-timed errors?), and Pedro Feliciano unfortunately balked in the winning run.  When all was said and done, 42,000 disappointed fans filed out of Citi Field.

But the day was not a total loss.  The opening ceremony included a touching spontaneous fan tribute to one of my favorite Mets, Cliff Floyd, and the ceremonial first pitch featuring Tom Seaver and Mike Piazza was well done, a nice touch to cap the transition to Citi Field. 

The most meaningful moment, however, was provided by David Wright in the bottom of the fifth.  With two men on, Wright got a hold of a pitch and hit a laser to the left field gap.  Everyone in my section stood up simultaneously, anticipating the first Mets home run in the new ballpark.  The ball soared through the air, cleared the left field fence, and the crowd immediately exploded.

What happened next sums up why I love sports in general, and the Mets in particular.  Complete strangers turned to each other, slapping palms and dishing out spontaneous hugs.  Shouting at the top of our lungs, we shared a common bond for that one moment.  Each of us was thrilled by the shear athleticism displayed by Wright, ecstatic that he had given the Mets new life, and hopeful that our team would come through with the win.

Did it happen?  No.  But I would argue; does it matter?  In that moment, 42,000 people believed.  42,000 people came together in a spontaneous explosion of emotion that temporarily bonded them, creating a sense of unity and hope that transcended the game itself.  In that moment, 42,000 people were pulling together, brothers and sisters in the larger Mets family, sharing a common desire to see their team come out on top.  That sense of purpose, that shared community, is the single greatest part of being a fan and I’m happy that I was there to be a part of it.


One Response to “Spontaneous Explosion of Emotion”

  1. Will said

    Did you see the bomb that David Wright
    hit in the home opener against the Padres to deep center? He thought he got it all, but came up 10-15 ft short, looks like Citi Field will be tough for hitters to get the ball out from gap to gap.

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