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Ollie Update 2

Posted by JD on April 16, 2009

Oliver Perez’s box score: 6 innings pitched, 3 hits, 1 run (earned), 2 walks, and 4 strikeouts.  In addition, 57 of the 90 pitches he threw were strikes (63%).

Ollie’s first quality start came at a great time for him and the team.  Though the offense would erupt later (highlighted by Jose Reyes scoring from first on a wild pitch), the score was only 2-1 when Ollie departed.  Ollie pulled it together and only surrendered the one run.  The fielding involved was questionable (to be fair), but the key fact was that Ollie settled himself after the run scored and prevented the Dads from scoring again.

It was important for Ollie to come out and show the home fans that he can still pitch.  Not that he needs to justify his contract every time he takes the mound, but he did need to erase the memory of his flops in the final exhibition game against the BoSox and in Cincinnatti. Tonight he did just that.

Ollie gets a Happy Recap in his second start of the season.  As the driver of the Ollie Bandwagon, I couldn’t be happier.  That being said, everybody keep their seat belts buckled…there are plenty of potholes ahead!


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