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Nyjer Morgan? Really?

Posted by JD on May 10, 2009

My friend and I noticed it last night and confirmed it this afternoon: the fans in the left field stands were definitely serenading Nyjer Morgan throughout both games. 

Why?  Couldn’t really tell you.  Morgan did have a couple of nice running catches on Friday night.  He’s a speed demon who looks like he can be a terror on the base paths, but he obviously didn’t have that much impact.  He wears old-style stirrups?  Really, I’m reaching here.  I have no idea why the fans singled him out for his own chant.

But I’m not criticizing.  In fact, I love it and I hope it becomes a habit.  Citi Field is a nice place to watch a ballgame but it still has that “new car smell”.  We’re still breaking it in, making it our own.  Obviously, it’s going to take time to create our own memories and traditions there.  Why not make this one the first?

Note: I can’t stand that fans throw back home run balls hit by the opposition.  That’s a Wrigley Field tradition.  I lived in Philly when they opened Citizens Bank Park, and they decided to copy that tradition.  It’s sad, it wasn’t theirs, and I don’t want it to be ours. 

Another note: Those fans that throw back the home run balls?  They’ll never catch another.  I take deep, deep satisfaction in that fact.  Suckers. Ok, Im getting off my soap box.

I hope the fans in the left field stands keep chanting Nyjer’s name tomorrow.  I hope Garrett Anderson gets the same treatment when the Braves visit.  More than that, I hope that this is the first new Citi Field tradition.  It’s starting to feel like home after all.


3 Responses to “Nyjer Morgan? Really?”

  1. Nick said

    I’m thinking the chanting is brought on by his unusual name. If I said “Quick, name one other person you know names Nyjer!” you’d probably falter (with good reason!).

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