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Sunday Morning Musings: 10 Random Thoughts

Posted by JD on May 10, 2009

A few quick Mets-related thoughts on this beautiful Sunday morning:

1). The Mets head into today’s game against the Pirates looking for the first three-game sweep at Citi Field.  The Bucs have lost 11 of their last 12 and seven in a row, so the odds would seem to favor the Mets.  Today is a prime opportunity for the Mets to step up and step on some throats.  Demonstrating that killer instinct could go a long way toward building their collective confidence.  And it sure would be nice to keep this momentum heading into the three game set with the Braves.

2).  Johan’s starting tomorrow.  The Mets are sitting on a six game winning streak.  Winning today could turn it into an eight game winning streak. 

3).  Omir Santos gets another start behind the plate.  This was probably planned in advance, but Ramon Castro did leave the game yesterday with a leg cramp.  That makes two starts in three games for Santos, and 9 starts in the 16 games that he’s been on the roster.  With catching at such a premium throughout the majors, the Mets have to be careful when Brian Schneider returns from the DL.  It’s doubtful that Omir would make it through waivers, so I’d look for them to move Castro.  Either way, you can include me in the Omir Santos fan club.  Hope he hangs around a little longer.

4). Ian Snell takes the mound for the Bucs today.  Once a front-line prospect, Snell has struggled for the last year or so.  I’m curious to see how he handles himself today.  Will he step up and be a stopper?  Can he? 

5).  Livan Hernandez, innings eater.  Can Livan go deep today?  If so, the bullpen will be in great shape.  Let’s say the Mets score a few runs and Livan goes seven.  That leaves two innings for the bullpen, who only figure to work two innings tomorrow.  The longer Livan works today, the more the bullpen will thank him later this week.

6). J.J. Putz.  Adam Rubin of the NY Daily News reports that J.J. is not feeling 100%, possibly from over-use:

J.J. Putz acknowledged he’s “felt better” at other points in his career than he does now because of extensive early season work, but the reliever described the trouble as general fatigue and not an injury. Before being idle Saturday, Putz had appeared in 16 of the team’s first 28 games, tied with Pedro Feliciano for most in the bullpen. Both were two shy of major-league leader Kiko Calero’s 18 appearances with the Marlins.

Hopefully Jerry resists the temptation to go to Putz today.  I’d rather him be available to face the Braves tomorrow.  Hey, if the situation calls for it, go for it.  But let’s not see a repeat of Friday night when Putz was called in to finish a game that was all but over.

7).  Sandy Alomar’s undefeated, Jerry Manuel’s not.  Fire Jerry?  (Tongue planted firmly in cheek). 

8).  Will the Nyjer Morgan chants continue?  One can only hope!

9).  Happy Mother’s Day!  The Mets and Bucs will be rocking the pink in support of the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation today.

10).  Last, but not least, Let’s Go Mets!


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