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Short Term Solutions

Posted by JD on May 16, 2009

Carlos Delgado has been suffering from an impingement in his hip for the past few weeks. As a result, the Mets have decided not to use him in the San Francisco series in the hope that resting the hip will allow him to avoid surgery. From a roster standpoint, this is a prudent yet frustrating gamble. If Delgado regains his health, the Mets will have avoided making a roster move that might ultimately result in losing a player. If not, the Mets have been needlessly playing one man short, an inconvenience to be sure but not exactly a crippling one. However, its becoming clear that a stint on he DL may be unavoidable.

That being said, there are options out there, including some very intriguing (and potentially very expensive) replacements. I’d advocate taking the short term approach for now. If Delgado goes on the DL, call up Mike Lamb, Ramon Martinez, or even Robinson Cancel and try to get by mixing and matching Tatis, Reed, Murphy and Sheff. Buy some time for Delgado to attempt a rehab because surgery would probably end his season. There’s still two months until the trade deadline and the Mets will mostly likely have to overlay in terms of prospects anyway. Waiting two months won’t jack the price up that much.

Regardless of who they bring in, the key to the process will be analyzing that player’s potential production and comparing it to the projected contributions of the prospects surrendered. Why not take the next week or two to do the same with the AAAA assets stashed in Buffalo?


One Response to “Short Term Solutions”

  1. metgirl4ever said

    I agree it’s better to look in house for a fix. Trading/acquiring new players should not be the standard way to fix holes on the roaster.

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