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Off-Day Reflections

Posted by JD on May 21, 2009

I’d say this off-day came at the perfect time. With the Mets coming off a three game sweep in LA, the off-day should give them a chance to clear their minds and lick their wounds. With Johan Santana starting tomorrow, this off-day could serve as a nice breaking point from the recent past.

Of course, nothing is ever that simple. Jose Reyes flew back to NY to have an MRI on his aching leg, which revealed tendinitis in his right calf.  Adam Rubin revealed that Gary Sheffield was fighting some sort of sickness. And of course, Alex Cora, Brian Schneider and Carlos Delgado remain on the DL.

 So, while the Mets attempt to regain their composure, I can’t help but see trouble on the immediate horizon.  Visiting Fenway is tough enough.  Visiting without two of your best players and a weakened bench is an absolute recipe for disaster.  Every good team faces stretches like this, stretches that test their resourcefulness and resolve.  It’s time to see if the Mets can rise to the challenge.

 The silver lining? The Nationals come to town on Memorial Day.  But will the Mets have enough left in the tank to take advantage of it?


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