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Quick Hits

Posted by JD on May 22, 2009

Thank God Its The Friday Before A Three Day Weekend! And hopefully those of us at work receive an early dismissal (fingers crossed)!

A few thoughts before the Mets take on the Red Sox:

1. So much for Alex Cora’s return to Boston. I feel bad about this. Cora appeared (at least to me) to be an upgrade over Damion Easley and it would’ve been nice to see him return to Fenway. Hopefully, he gets healthy this year, because he really added some nice versatility to the bench.

2. I’m calling it: the home run drought ends tonight. For those that didn’t know, the Mets haven’t had a home run since Sheff hit one out against the Braves, their longest drought since 2002 (hat tip to Ben Shpigel). The smart money is on Beltran, but keep an eye out for Church and that Pesky Pole.

3. Glad we don’t have to watch Murph figure out the Green Monster. Remember L-Millz’ adventures in 2006?

4. I’m excited to see Santana face off against the righties on the Sawx (Bay, Lowell, Pedroia, et al). It hasn’t hurt him much this year, but he is a bit prone to surrendering the long ball. We’ll see how that turns out…

5. It may not happen (heck, it almost definitely won’t), but I really want to see Sheff rip one over the Green Monster. I love watching the controlled act of violence that is his swing. Nothing would be better than seeing him launch one to the Citgo sign.

Enjoy the day, and Let’s Go Mets!


One Response to “Quick Hits”

  1. metgirl4ever said

    I’ll settle for a Win this weekend…and a bunch of runs during one game – either scored by great offense or a freak episode of errors by the Sox…

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