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Bring Your Brooms to Fenway

Posted by JD on May 23, 2009

The Mets have another chance to sweep a series on the road. Before you buy your brooms, check your Twitter:

via @NYPost_Mets K-Rod has been taken by ambulance to a local Boston hospital, but the #Mets have no further update on his condition.

Good thing Omar went out and acquired two closers this offseason. Frankie Rodriguez is out indefinitely with back spasms and JJ Putz is fighting a variety of ailments. Not to be outdone, several other Mets have decided to followOliver Perez and hit the Disabled List: Carlos Delgado, Brian Schneider, and Alex Cora. And to top it off, Jose Reyes, Ryan Church, and Carlos Beltran are all fighting their way through leg injuries.

You want to talk about having your back to the wall? That’s where the Mets are today. There’s a chance that they can come out of this 10 game roadtrip at 5-5. Can they respond? Regardless, it has been a long and winding road(trip).


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