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Youk, What Crawled Up Your Ass Yesterday?

Posted by JD on May 23, 2009

Is it just m, or is this guy really easy to dislike? Couple of thoughts:

1. Youkilis clearly opened up into that pitch. His right elbow was over the black. He also made no clear move to get out of the way. So he had no real reason to be angry: Santana was well within his rights to throw it there.

2. Youk’s display was downright childish. He’s a big guy, why did he wait until he was halfway to first to start posing and preening? It was a classic example of the “hold me back!” fighting tactic. Real tough. Even the umpire wasn’t buying it. He looked like a school teacher disciplining a little brat.

3. How about Johan’s reaction? He never backed down, maintained eye contact the whole time, and basically stared Youk down. Then he collected himself and got out of the inning. He’s been outstanding this year and its only getting better. I still can’t believe he’s on our team.

The incident was silly, overblown and completely unnecessary (and it raised my blood pressure, to boot). Youk is a punk, and he really displayed that last night.


One Response to “Youk, What Crawled Up Your Ass Yesterday?”

  1. Scott G. said

    Johan is not just a pitcher,he is a baseball player. Even I have to admit,
    he is too good for us. The skill and mental toughness is so far above
    anyone else on the team. How come these guys can’t learn from him instead of feeling like
    They have the day off when he pitches.

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