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Don’t Eff-Around With Jose

Posted by JD on May 26, 2009

Ok, I get it. One of your best players tells you he can go even though he’s clearly injured. As a manager, you need to show faith in the player. You have to keep that roster spot open because your superstar at 80% is better than your backup or AAA replacement at 100%. I get it.

But Jose Reyes has been injured for more than a week! Clearly, he’s not getting any better. But Omar Minaya and Jerry Manuel are clearly not seeing it. Adam Rubin of the NY Daily News got some good quotes after tonight’s game, including this one from Jerry Manuel:

“If he can play at that 80 or 90% without in the back of his mind that if he does something it’s going to blow or something like that, I think then we’re okay.”

Jerry is speaking for Omar Minaya on this one. I understand that it’s part of his job and I can’t hold it against him. But I can hold it against Omar:

Damn it Omar, I’m a blogger, not a doctor! But even I know you can’t rely on the player in this situation. What if Jose does have it in the back of his mind? What if he realizes he’s hurting halfway between home and first? You know he’s going to be going full-bore. How can you realistically expect Jose to nurse a leg injury?

I know. There’s nobody in the farm system to take Jose’s place. I get it. But dammit, don’t Eff around with this one! Put Jose on the DL today, call up Argenis Reyes or Johnathan Malo, and make due. Because the one game you gain today might cost you an entire season from one of the best shortstops/lead-off men in the game. And that is truly inexcusable.


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