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Perspective: David Wright’s Power Outage

Posted by JD on June 20, 2009

Through last night’s game, David Wright has only hit four home runs in 285 plate appearances (PA). Assuming he stays healthy and finishes around 720 PA, this puts him on pace to finish with ten (10!) home runs. To put this in perspective, he hit 14 home runs in his rookie season in 283 PA. The term “Career Low” doesn’t do it justice!

I’m not qualified to diagnose the problem. The dimensions at Citi Field must have some impact and it does seem that he’s gripping the bat a little tighter at home. The Mets’ numerous injuries probably have caused him to press a bit, too. But his other numbers have been great: a league-leading batting average of .350, OPS of .945, and an OPS+ of 150. Better bloggers can probably pinpoint it, but I certainly can’t put my finger on the issue.

Using ESPN’s MLB Batting Stats (all totals and rankings are current as of 6/19/09), I decided to provided a little (near-useless) perspective. Wright’s current ranking?  Tied for 168th. Some of those tied with Wright include:

Carlos Delgado [173 fewer PA]
Ramon Castro [Remember him?]
Jody Gerut [He did hit the first ever homer at Citi Field]
B.J. Upton [Their both from Norfolk…coincendence? Yeah, probably.]
Alberto Callaspo [Whoa.]

Some of the luminaries ranked higher than Wright:

Kelly Johnson [ Grrr. 5 home runs.]
Garrett Atkins [5 home runs, but his average is .145 points lower.]
Ty Wiggington [I bet Ty loves that he has one more homer than Wright.]
Jimmy Rollins [Ditto for Jimmy, but he has two more homers than Wright.]
Derek Jeter [9 home runs? Ugh.]

Enough. You get the point. Wright’s power outage has him buried on the home run leader board. Nearing the halfway point, it’s going to take a serious streak for him to reach his career 162-game average of 28. Hopefully the notoriously-streaky Wright can at least pass some of the lesser lights that currently top him on the leader board.


5 Responses to “Perspective: David Wright’s Power Outage”

  1. I wouldn’t worry about him. A 150 OPS+ and like 964 doubles are really nothing to be concerned about. If I was you, I’d take issue with his 8 CS. That’s ridiculous.

  2. Will said

    You think David Wright has a legit shot at winning the batting title? He was 5-for-5 a day ago, and when the Mets are healthy hes got the support in front and behind him.

    • jd1877 said

      I do think he has a shot. That is, unless he gets bit by the Mets’ injury bug. At this point, it feels like it’s practically inevitable that he’s going to get hurt.

  3. Fourthandeye said

    The sad thing is you knew he wasn’t going to keep up the batting average. You can’t hit .350 and be one of the top 10 batters in the league in strikeouts. I’ve had David on my sim team for many years and have been a big fan. But this power outage is frustrating and unacceptable.

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