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Mea Culpa: Gary Sheffield

Posted by JD on June 27, 2009

Allow this post to stand as my personal apology to Gary Sheffield. I made my feelings clear at the start of the season. While acknowledging his diminished production, I chose to focus more on his “intangibles”. I could not have been more wrong on either count.

Gary Sheffield has been a revelation. More than that, he’s been a pillar. He leads the team with (a paltry) nine home runs*. By all accounts, he’s been a remarkable teammate. He listens to Jerry Manuel, plays whenever and wherever asked, and hasn’t complained (in public) about it once. Right field at the Citi is a tricky place to play; Gary handles it as well as anyone I’ve seen. His play in the field inspires confidence because no matter how slowly he moves, he takes the most efficient route and makes the correct throw.

*Pozterisk: Allow me to clarify. “Paltry” refers to the fact that nine home runs lead a team that has played 72 games. Sheffield’s home runs have been anything but paltry. Last night’s blast broke up the shut-out, no-hitter, and perfect game simultaneously. He’s had several big home runs, some of which have been truly titanic.

In short, I could not have been more wrong about Gary Sheffield. I’m glad I was wrong, I’m so glad he’s on the team, and I don’t want to think about where the Mets would be without him.


One Response to “Mea Culpa: Gary Sheffield”

  1. metgirl4ever said

    I’m in the same boat. I was in the don’t sign Sheff bandwagon and was actually angry when we signed him. The nerve!! I now ❤ Sheff and so should every other Mets fan!!

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