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He’s Baaaack!

Posted by JD on July 4, 2009

That’s right, Oliver Perez is on his way back to the Mets. Reports filtered in from all of the beat writers: Ollie will take Tim Redding’s place in the rotation on Wednesday.

The bandwagon’s been up on blocks in the garage. Now it’s ready to roll and I’m ready to drive it, but I have no idea where we’re going. Ollie has become such an unknown quantity that no one knows what to expect. But let’s start here: Ollie’s an upgrade over Tim Redding, who’s failed to record a quality start in three of his last four outings. The one quality start was a win against St. Louis, but that’s balanced by his putrid outing against the Pirates last Thursday. Redding was starting to get exposed as a starter and will benefit from moving to the bullpen.

Redding’s move to the bullpen will likely come at the expense of Elmer Dessens, who is the likely candidate to be designated for assignment. Outside of one disasterous outing against the Yankees (3 hits, 2 home runs in 1.1 innings pitched), Dessens hasn’t been that bad: only one hit allowed over 6.2 innings pitched. But that’s deceptive, too. At this point, Dessens is better suited to mop-up duty. Redding is a better pitcher and will add depth that Dessens can’t.

So, Ollie’s return actually improves the rotation and the bullpen. That’s a good start. If he can put together a solid five or six innings against Manny and the Dodgers on Wednesday, that’d be another strong step forward. It’s all about “baby-steps” with Ollie. “Baby-steps” to the rotation, “baby-steps” to a solid start, “baby-steps” to consecutive solid starts. I still believe, and I’m firing up the bandwagon. Should be an interesting ride, to say the least.


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