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Five Fun Facts: Jeff Francoeur

Posted by JD on July 11, 2009

The Ryan ChurchJeff Francoeur trade was a pretty bad one. As there’s already been plenty of discussion on it, I just want to throw out a few tidbits about the Mets’ new right fielder:

1. Francoeur currently has a 68 OPS+. He’s currently tied for 7th worst among qualifiers. I’d list some of the players with a better OPS+ but why bother? Just know that Ryan Church has an 88 OPS+.

2. Francoeur won the Gold Glove in 2007. That’s nice and I’m sure it looks great in his trophy case, but it’s 2009. His Ultimate Zone Rating (UZR) is currently 0.6 (via the fine folks at FanGraphs Baseball). That means he saves about a 0.6 runs per game more than a league average right fielder. Of course, Ryan Church’s UZR is 2.8.

3. In his four year career, Francoeur has played 162 games twice. He’s pretty proud of that fact, listing it second on the Career Highlights section of his blog. For the record, the other three Braves to do it are Dale Murphy, Andruw Jones, and former Met Felix Millan.

4. Francoeur has actually lowered his strike out totals in each of his last three seasons, going from 132 to 129 to 111. He’s currently on pace to finish with 96. So, we got that going for us. Which is nice.

5. Via, two of his most comparable players are Butch Huskey and Mark Carreon. Well then.

And so it goes. I really don’t understand this trade. The Braves had been shopping Francoeur since Spring Training with Kansas City and Florida being mentioned most prominently. With that in mind and the statistics listed above, I have to say the Braves “won” this trade. Why did the Mets decide to help a division rival? I doubt we’ll know the full answer for some time, so I have to infer that Jerry Manuel really wanted to dump Church. I’m going to put this trade in the “negatives” column of my Manuel evaluation until proven otherwise.

4 Responses to “Five Fun Facts: Jeff Francoeur”

  1. metgirl4ever said

    ditto! i try to give management the benefit of the doubt, but they are just shooting from the hip it seems this season

  2. Ceetar said

    I agree. I dislike the trade, liking Church aside.

    I believe this is the second time this year the Mets have traded a player slightly better that Manuel disliked to play a different guy. Castro obviously being the other.

    This feels like giving up, and helps the Braves too much.

  3. paulfriedman said

    I think one of the justifications from the Mets camp is that they feel a readjustment from a different hitting coach will help Francoeur. Take a look at what happened to Andruw Jones at Texas this year so far. As a Braves fan, I am very happy with the trade; I like Church and what I’ve seen when the Mets played us in the past. And assists aside, I like Church better defensively. Errors and Fielding% being the two things I focused on when I analyzed the stat differences between the two defensively. A lot of Braves fans here are crying foul at Wren, but I think we got the better end of the deal.

  4. Keith said

    I suppose time will tell on won this trade, frenchy’s average is up almost 40 points in his 18 games with the mets, and his RBI totals are half of his totals in 82 games with with atlanta, maybe he has had more opportunities.. the one thing about church is that he can actually take a walk, unlike just swing at it jeffy.

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