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It’s My 10 Year Anniversary with the Mets…

Posted by metgirl4ever on July 13, 2009

An anniversary is a moment to reflect on a current or past relationship.

My love affair with the Mets had an innocent start my sophomore year in college. I watched the last few innings of a Mets/Braves game to keep me distracted while on the stair stepper. The Mets ended up losing the game and having a “collapse” during the final week of the 1998 season. However, my fascination with baseball had begun.

Enter the 1999 season where I officially labeled myself a Mets fan. The 25-man roster is scotch-taped to the concrete walls of my dorm room. I’ve purchased my first Mets hat from the mall and anxiously await the few games that are actually televised in Tennessee. My hopes are high that this is “our season” to win the World Series. The climax of the season takes place at my best friend’s house. With my neglected research papers sprawled on the living room floor in front of the big screen TV, I spend the next 5 hours and 46 minutes watching the best baseball game of my life. I don’t remember eating during the game, but I remember screaming my head off and jumping off the floor when Robin Ventura hit that grand slam single. Best…Game…Ever!

The 2000 season had us actually going to a Subway Series World Series. When I moved last month, I found a VHS tape where I had recorded the Mets playing in the World Series. We know how it ended, but at least that “other” New York team has not won a ring since then.

Fast forward a few years. Skip the 2007 and 2008 seasons. Fast forward to this season and hit pause – it’s time for the All-Star Break.

Gone are the rose colored glasses from the beginning of our relationship and in their place are my regular day-to-day Fashionista glasses. I spend more time on the “darknova” side than the “lightnova” side. I yell more at the tv and constantly fight the urge to throw something. There have been nights and weeks where my stomach is in knots and I cannot sleep. Most relationships end when one person causes another such mental stress and anguish. Yet, I continue to collect items from trips to NYC, the MLB store, and Avon (yes Avon!). I still pay to watch all the games via MLB Extra Innings. Once the bond is formed, it lasts a lifetime. You have to take the good, the bad, and the ugly.

For the record, a 10th anniversary gift should be diamond jewelry or blue sapphire studded jewelry.

Sounds like the Mets owe me a World Series ring this year.

So let it be written, so let it be done.


5 Responses to “It’s My 10 Year Anniversary with the Mets…”

  1. Sect518 said

    It’s my pleasure to make the first comment on this blog. I’m very happy to have metgirl4ever post here, and I hope to encourage her to write more. Leave a few kind words to help me out!

  2. This post reminded me why I am a Met fan… Thank you.

    • metgirl4ever said

      Wow!! Thanks Spencer!! I know we all have a story and sometimes it’s hard to remember why we put ourselves through the hardtimes. I think it’s because we remember how great the good times are.

  3. Great post and a reminder to us all to start to think about when we became mets fans. I was since the summer of 1969 when I was 6 months old and would sit in my bouncy chair and while being fed watch the games. There has been many good years and many years where we have to grumble but really there is nothing better than being a METS fan.

    Stay on the lightnova side, please!!!

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