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Hiatus From A Hiatus

Posted by JD on November 29, 2009

I haven’t had a chance to post here much over the past four months. It wasn’t intentional: other things just came up that prevented me from spending as much time here as I’d like. There’s only so many hours in the day and that sort of thing, you know?

But it was always nagging me, like a puppy tugging on my pant leg. This blog is a personal project, a place where I can put my thoughts in writing and maybe share them with an audience. I’ll probably never be a professional writer (and that’s ok) but I really do enjoy writing, so it was disappointing that I left it unnattended for so long.

So, it’s back on the horse for the blog. I’ll have a couple of entries over the next few days and we’ll see where we go from there.

On another blog-related note, it’s a near 99% probability that it will be faced with an identity crisis. I didn’t want to blog this at the time because it felt unfair, but the woman that sat immediately next to us for the entire season was completely unbearable: rude, intrusive, smelly, abusive, and just generally annoying. It started off ok, but got so out of hand by the end of the season that other fans in nearby seats were making fun of it. Pondering outright cancellation, I was shocked to find that my ticket rep was responsive and helpful. Over the next week we’ll be exploring options to move over or down and when we do I’ll obviously have to evaluate the name of the blog. Which might work out well, because I’d like to start blogging on some other topics as well and I’m not sure I want to start a new blog (since I obviously have so much trouble maintaining just one).

So we’ll see where this goes, but I’m happy to get back to blogging.


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