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Flushing Frivolity – 12/18/09

Posted by JD on December 19, 2009

Note: Yesterday was more hectic than I thought it would be and I never got around to posting this. So here it is, unedited:

Since it’s Friday, I figured I’d end the week with a positive Frivolity. Personally, it’s been a long week and I’d much prefer to end it on a happy thought. So, I figured I’d use the Baseball Reference Play Index to look at the best individual seasons for runs scored in franchise history. Here is your top ten:

Rk               Player   R Year Age
1        Carlos Beltran 127 2006  29
2       Edgardo Alfonzo 123 1999  25
3            Jose Reyes 122 2006  23
4            Jose Reyes 119 2007  24
5         Lance Johnson 117 1996  32
6        Carlos Beltran 116 2008  31
7          David Wright 115 2008  25
8            Jose Reyes 113 2008  25
9          David Wright 113 2007  24
10      Edgardo Alfonzo 109 2000  26

Three seasons for Reyes, two each for Alfonzo, Beltran, and Wright, and one Lance Johnson. First thought: this list must have looked completely different in 1995 (subject of an upcoming Frivolity). Second thought: look at 2008: Beltran (116), Wright (115) and Reyes (113) combined for 344 runs. Reyes missed 136 games in 2008, Beltran missed 81, and Wright missed 16*.

* But still scored 88 runs. Even though he struggled, he still scored. I remain optimistic.

And there you go. The Mets are sure to score more runs if these three return to previous levels. Yeah, they were near career highs for Beltran and Reyes (and a career high for Wright), but it’s certainly not asking for the moon for each to score 105 runs. And if they do, the Mets will have improved by 169 total runs {(105-18) + (105-50) + (105-88)}. It’s been a tough week and I’ll take it.


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