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Flushing Frivolity – 12/20/09

Posted by JD on December 20, 2009

Our Friday Frivolity focused on the most runs scored in franchise history (you need to know that I would’ve gotten more eff’s in there if I could). In that exercise, we learned that Lance Johnson set the record for runs scored in a season with 117, and that every other entry in the top ten occurred after that mark was set. Without further ado, I give you the top ten runs scored totals prior to 1996 (or, the list as Lance would’ve seen it before that season started):

Rk               Player   R Year Age
1        Howard Johnson 108 1991  30
2     Darryl Strawberry 108 1987  25
3           Tommie Agee 107 1970  27
4        Howard Johnson 104 1989  28
5     Darryl Strawberry 101 1988  26
6           Tommie Agee  97 1969  26
7       Gregg Jefferies  96 1990  22
8       Keith Hernandez  94 1986  32
9        Howard Johnson  93 1987  26
10          Rusty Staub  93 1975  31

In the 32 seasons prior to 1996, three Mets scored at least 100 runs in a season four times. In the 14 seasons that followed five Mets did it 10 times, and every single one of them would have been the leader on this list. Really highlights the differences in eras, don’t you think?


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