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Flushing Frivolity – 12/23/09

Posted by JD on December 23, 2009

The question you asked was “Did any Major Leaguer ever hit a home run in his one and only plate appearance?” We deliver the answer: “Nope”. But it’s awfully close:

Rk              Player HR AB   To From   Age
1         Mark Worrell  1  2 2008 2008 25-25
2          Esteban Yan  1  2 1996 2006 21-31
3          Dusty Brown  1  3 2009 2009 27-27
4        Jeff Bittiger  1  3 1986 1989 24-27*
5          Gregg Olson  1  4 1988 2001 21-34
6          Doug Clarey  1  4 1976 1976 22-22**
7    Gene Stechschulte  1  5 2000 2002 26-28

It’s not shocking that all of our entrants were pitchers who played after the DH rule was enacted. Anyone who hit a home run in his first at-bat would immediately be given at least one more. The main thing that excites me about this stat: there’s a decent chance that Esteban Yan will own this record shortly. Mark Worrell is only 26; there’s every chance that he might get back to the majors and make an out. I’m sure Esteban has a bottle of champaigne set aside just in case…

*Totally irrelevant note one: Jeff Bittiger was drafted by the Mets in the 7th round of the 1980 draft. He was traded to the Phillies in January 1986. The Mets went on to win the ’86 World Series. Coincedence? I think not…

**Totally irrelevant note two: the Mets acquired Doug Clarey on 3/10/77 in return for Benny Ayala. Clarey never pitched in the majors again. What? I said it was irrelevant…


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