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Flushing Frivolity – 1/7/10

Posted by JD on January 7, 2010

I’m working on wrapping my head around a statistic I just learned called Hitter’s Eye. In short, it’s a quick and dirty way to measure a hitter’s understanding of the strike zone*. Researching this stat lead me off this personal digression: Shawon Dunston never took a walk as a Met.

*I hope to have a follow-up post that explains this stat in more detail later. If I don’t, it just means that I couldn’t understand it.

Sure, he only had 97 plate appearances as a Met. But his career BB/PA ratio is 3.23%. Surely he owed us at least one, right?

Why do I bother sharing this? I still remember when, while watching a game in 1999, my Yankee-loving friend declared that he’d “always liked Shawon Dunston.” So did I, but it totally pissed me off that he wouldn’t give any credit to Edgardo Alfonzo, Mike Piazza, John Olerud, Al Leiter, Robin Ventura, or any other Met regular, but was willing to “like” a backup outfielder who never got a start at his true position (shortstop) that season. I actually shouted “You can’t like Shawon Dunston!” at him…it still haunts me to this day. But at least I can throw it out there Dunston never took a walk. Small victories.


One Response to “Flushing Frivolity – 1/7/10”

  1. metgirl4ever said

    it’s the little victories in life that make us happy. funny story behind this post. 🙂

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