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Flushing Frivolity – Happy Anniversary, Carlos!

Posted by JD on January 13, 2010

I spend a fair amount of time on the interwebs reading about and researching the New York Mets. The Flushing Frivolities is a semi-regular feature in which I attempt to share some of the more minute facts I come across. And by “minute”, I often mean “meaningless” or “inconsequential”.

On January 13, 2005, Carlos Beltran signed a 7 year, $119 million contract to become the Mets’ starting centerfielder. In the five seasons that have followed, Beltran has appeared in four All-Star Games, won three Gold Gloves and two Silver Sluggers, hit 127 home runs, and posted .285/.372/.507/.879 BA/OB/SLG/OPS. Hard to believe that there’s only two years left in that contract. Anyway, here’s hoping that 2010 brings more of the same from Carlos.

UPDATE (6/3/10): Here’s hoping that 2010 brings us anything from Carlos. Recent rumors had him starting extended Spring Training in a week or so, but at this point I’ll have to believe it to see it. But even if he doesn’t make it back this season, I’ll stand by this comment: Beltran’s been worth every penny of that contract.


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