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Posted by JD on January 16, 2010

That word sums up my feelings upon learning that Carlos Beltran underwent an arthroscopic procedure to clear out an arthritic area in his knee (Beltran did NOT undergo microfracture surgery, which would’ve cost him the entire 2010 season). I’m disappointed that I won’t be able to watch the best player on the team until sometime in May (at least). I’m disappointed that Carlos won’t be gracefully patrolling center field, and I’m disappointed that he may not be able to regain his previous level of excellence (heck, I’m outright upset by that). It was not a good day at all.

As for the other stuff? I don’t care that Carlos had surgery without the Mets permission. I don’t care that the Mets are potentially antagonizing their best player by “protecting their rights under the contract”. I don’t care that John Ricco handled the press conference instead of Omar Minaya. I don’t care that the tabloids had a field day with the news and I sure as hell don’t care that it turned into a PR disaster. At this point, what else could it turn into? The press are in a holding pattern, ready to jump on the slightest negative presented by the organization. And why shouldn’t they? The organization is run by Jeff Wilpon, a man who has demonstrated limited accumen in the art of running a baseball team (to be kind). What else should we expect at this point?

No, none of it makes me upset anymore. I’m beyond the point of caring about any of it. I understand the situation, I’m ok with it, and I’m ready to move on. Bring on Angel Pagan. I’m excited to see how he reacts to this new opportunity. He’s a capable backup; will he prove to be a reliable regular? If not, will Fernando Martinez get a shot? And if he does, will he finally live up to the hype of being a “Teenage Hitting Machine”?

I’m disappointed that I won’t get to watch Carlos Beltran, but I’m excited to see his replacements. And that’s the extent of my emotional attachment to the latest developments…


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