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The Opposition Speaks, and Is Rebutted

Posted by JD on January 19, 2010

From Tim Marchman’s blog, regarding Bengie Molina’s refusal of the Mets’ offer:

“The thinking Mets fan is celebrating today, but that’s because he really underestimates how bad catchers are at hitting and thus underrates Molina.”

I happen to like Marchman and respect his opinions (and thus read his blog regularly), but I have to disagree here. From everything I’ve read, the Mets offer to Molina included an option for a second year. I’ve read differing accounts of that option, but what sticks in my head is that it was easily attainable. Which turns it into a two year deal. Which is a bad idea for a 35 year-old catcher.

Look, it’s very possible that Molina will approximate his past successes this season. I get it. But the likelihood of a decline exists this year and even more so next, so why lock him up for two years? Similar production is still available on the open market for fewer dollars and years, why dent the budget for two seasons?

As Marchman says, I might be underrating Molina. But he’s underrating that second year, so I’m comfortable seeing him in a San Francisco Giants uniform. We’ll just have to agree to disagree, and that’s that.


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