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Frenchy Frivolity

Posted by JD on January 21, 2010

The Mets recently agreed to pay Jeff Francoeur $5 million in 2010, avoiding an arbitration hearing. That’s great, I guess. I just can’t get over the fact a right fielder with a career on-base percentage of .311 will be making $5 million in 2010. I mean, forget about flying cars. I thought that “in the future”, we’d at least be able to accurately evaluate and compensate baseball players. Turns out that’s just as much of a fantasy.

To better frame it, in 2009 Francoeur ranked below 13 right fielders in Runs Created. His 93 OPS+ was good for 27th. On-Base Percentage? 33 other right fielders topped his .309. But then again, they don’t even show On-Base Percentage on the scoreboard, do they Jeff?

Yeah, well, this all sucks. Why? Because for years I called him Jeff Frenchwhore. For years I mocked him for his well-known tendency to ignore one of the most important stats in baseball. For years, he was at least Enemy Number #2 (I always saved the first spot for Chipper). Now, against all of my instincts I have to try to minimize (or at least try to ignore) his OBP failures and, on top of that, it turns out that he’s a good, likable guy (at least from all outward appearances). Just great. I can see it already: I’m going to be flip-flopping like crazy on this guy all year. As if there were enough ups-and-downs to being a Mets fan.


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