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Cat Got My Tongue

Posted by JD on January 29, 2010

Metsblog had a post today indicating that the Mets are persuing Frank Catalanotto. I like it. Even though he’s 35, Catalanotto would add a quality bat to the depth chart, especially if he wound up in Buffalo. I wouldn’t be opposed to him starting the season in New York if they hadn’t already wasted a roster spot on two inferior players.

That’s what kills me about this move: why didn’t they do it BEFORE resigning Alex Cora or trading for GMJ? Catalanotto doesn’t play center, but he plays both corner outfield spots, first, second, and third base, and would be a quality pinch hitter off the bench. He has a better bat than both, will probably sign for less, and won’t cost them a serviceable middle reliever. Why didn’t they just sign Catalanotto and another fringe outfielder* and infielder** and let them battle it out in spring training for the reserve infielder and fourth outfielder spots? Winners get the job and the loser heads to Buffalo for depth. Doesn’t that make much more sense?

*Like, I don’t know, Cory Sullivan?

**Wilson Valdez, perhaps?

Good organizations don’t tie themselves to bad ballplayers no matter how cheaply they come, and they sure as hell don’t waste budget and roster space on multiple-year commitments. But that’s just what the Mets voluntarily did with Cora and GMJ. Depressing, and repetitive.


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