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Where we endeavor to stay positive about the 2011 Mets…

Subway Thoughts

Posted by JD on February 1, 2010

Riding the subway home and thinking about the Mets, this crossed my mind:

  • Ryan Garko signed with the Mariners. I was in the “Sign Garko” boat for most of the offseason, and I was wrong. He’s a nice player and all, but he’s older than I thought (I didn’t realize he was 29) and limited defensively to first base and the outfield corners. Fernando Tatis is no All-Star, but he’s played every infield position and left and right field. He has his flaws but his versatility and price tag make him a better choice than Garko. I’ve got no issues with signing Tatis over Garko.
  • Putz-Gate. Look, at this point we all know that the Mets’ injury strategy is fucked up. In almost any other organization, failing to give a pitcher a physical before acquiring him would be a fireable offense. But this is the Mets, a dysfunctional organization that seemingly cannot stay out of its own way: att this point nothing they do regarding injuries will surprise me. Here’s my point: they’re not firing anyone over this, they’re not changing their injury strategy, and Omar won’t take the fall, so I’m not getting fired up over it. I’m not trying to whitewash anything: this is an organizational black mark that’s not going away any time soon. I’m just not getting worked up over it. My ticket money is already paid, I’m locked in, and I refuse to waste more energy getting upset about the Wilpons’ boneheaded front-office. I’m not saying you shouldn’t get upset. By all means, hold their feet to the fire. I’m just saying that I’m numb to it now…you’ll have to go on without me.
  • Here’s a nice write up by Anthony McCarron on the Mets’ remaining rotation options. Well worth a few minutes of your time.
  • Hockey thought: What the hell is Darryl Sutter thinking? Maybe he doesn’t like Olli Jokinen anymore, but why would he take on the additional two years of Ales Kotalik’s contract? If you’re a Rangers fan, you should be keeping your fingers crossed tonight for two reasons: that Jokinen doesn’t get hurt, and that Sutter doesn’t come to his senses.

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