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On This Date: Let There Be Leit(er)!

Posted by JD on February 6, 2010

On this date in 1998, the Mets acquired Al Leiter and Ralph Millard from the Florida Marlins in exchange for A.J. Burnett, Jesus Sanchez, and Rob Stratton. The trade gave the Mets their best starter since David Cone left town, a work-horse who would lead the Mets to the playoffs for the first time in more than a decade. Leiter had a 124 Adjusted ERA+ during his seven seasons with the Mets (5th all-time) and posted a ridiculous 170 ERA+ in 1998. He went on to rack up 95 wins (6th all-time), 1,106 strike-outs (7th all-time), and one of the more memorable wins in franchise history, the 1999 tie-breaker game against Cincinatti.

Burnett, a minor leaguer at the the time, would eventually blossom into a top-of the rotation starter for two World Series winners (2003 Marlins, 2009 Yankees). I enjoy revisionist history as much as the next guy, but I’d make that trade again in a heartbeat.


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