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The Bandwagon Rolls Again

Posted by JD on March 8, 2010

Long-time readers of this blog may recall that I lead an ill-fated Oliver Perez bandwagon last year. Well, the Loopy Lefty has suckered me again. After watching his Spring Training debut, I feel I have little choice but to crank up the bandwagon yet again. I know it’s not worth it. He’ll probably implode again and make a fool of me once more, but I just can’t help myself. Be warned: you’ll be peppered with a lot of pro-Ollie posts and tweets from this point on.

That being said, here are a few notes from yesterday’s game:

1. Ollie got screwed at the start of the in the first inning. He walked Justin Maxwell to start the game, but settled down and got the next batter (Ian Desmond) to an 0-2 count on two swing-and-miss pitches. Omir Santos couldn’t get a good throw off to second (allowing Maxwell to steal) and Desmond dribbled the next pitch into right. Luis Castillo’s total lack of range was blindingly obvious as the Nats scored the first run of the game (not to mention that Jeff Francoeur absolutely air-mailed the throw to the plate). I’m sure this will be an ongoing storyline throughout the season.

2. The next two batters were classic Ollie. First, he induced Elijah Dukes, arguably the Nationals’ best hitter, to strike out swinging. Then he hung a 1-0 pitch to the far-less imposing Mike Morse, who promptly clubbed it way over the fence. That two at-bat sequence could serve as a career synopsis, no?

3. Ollie gave up another run in the top of the second on a Wily Tavares double and his pace slowed WAY down. I thought he was about to go off the rails, but he actually rallied to get Maxwell with a swinging strike out and Desmond with a fly out to Francoeur in right. I admit I’m looking for any positive I can find, but I was encouraged by how Ollie settled down and got the outs he needed. Evil Ollie would have imploded in that situation. I thought it was a good sign that he got out of the inning after surrendering one run.

4. Ollie got Dukes to pop out and Morse to fly out to deep center to start the third before Pudge Rodriguez punched a single into center field. Kevin Mench then plated Pudge with a double. By my count the sequence took less than 8 pitches. Adam Kennedy then grounded a 3-1 fastball into right which (again) Castillo should have grabbed. It would have been the sixth run surrendered by Perez had Francoeur not thrown a bullet* to the plate to nail Mench.

*Frenchy actually had two assists on throws to the plate. I think his arm is over-rated, but he got two out of three at the plate today. I’m hard on him, but credit where it’s due.

All in all Perez threw 49 pitches, 33 of which were strikes. It wasn’t a great outing but it wasn’t as bad as the box score made it out to be. And it was good enough to get me to bring the bandwagon out of mothballs. I guess I’ll be in Ollie’s corner for as long as I can stand it.


6 Responses to “The Bandwagon Rolls Again”

  1. metgirl4ever said

    Wow!! Seriously?!?! *sigh* Okay, at least you warned us. I know this is hypocritical of me, but – I have faith that David doing well in ST is a good sign of what’s to come, but I believe any moments of above-his normal-average by Ollie are just anomalies. I hope I’m wrong, as I never wish anyone to fail, but he’s got a ways to go to get me to join his fan club.

  2. darknova306 said

    With all due respect… you’re nuts. Ollie is garbage, and that’s the bandwagon you should be leading.

    As for Spring Training… nothing in ST is indicative of regular season success, especially for guys that are guaranteed roster spots. Pitchers are working up strength in their arms, working on deliveries, working on pitches, etc. Success/failure in ST is irrelevant. Doesn’t change the fact that Ollie lost my confidence early in 2008. He needs to prove himself during the season, until then he’s garbage to me.

    • JD said

      I know I’m nuts. I’m totally half-assing it, but I almost can’t help myself: I want the guy to do well. I’m sure this will be derailed after his first start, but we’ll see how it goes…

      • darknova306 said

        I want him to do well, too. My ability to believe he will has been reduced to zero. Oh well, we’ll see once the season starts.

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