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Double Standard

Posted by JD on March 10, 2010

I missed today’s game because of work, but I was able to read the summary on Metsblog. It sounded like a typical Spring Training game to me, albeit with a dramatic game-winning home run thrown in. Then, I read the following:

However, (Jesus) Sucre’s home run was scored a single because he was mobbed by his teammates after reaching first base, and so only one was ruled to score on the hit.

My blood immediately started boiling. Not because of the act itself, but because of the implied double standard. After three years of hearing about how insufferable the Mets are, the Braves mobbed a player because he won a SPRING TRAINING (act like you’ve been there before). How often have we heard how annoying the Mets players are? How Jose Reyes’ clownish behavior was the reason why the other teams in the division tried extra hard to beat the Mets. Does anyone care to wager that we’ll hear that kind of crap directed towards the Braves? I didn’t think so.

Again, I’m not upset at the act itself. I like to see expressive players. I want to know that they’re enjoying themselves: it’s part of the fun of watching the game for me. But if you’re going to hold one team to an absurd standard, then it’s only fair to hold them all to it. I hate to sound like a defensive Mets fan, but I really doubt that will ever happen.


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