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Ollie’s Debut

Posted by JD on April 10, 2010

Of all the luck, I have to miss today’s game. Circumstances may have conspired against me, but trust me: I’ll be there in spirit as Oliver Perez makes his debut against Adam Dunn and the Nationals (and as some guy named Jose returns to the lineup).

Perez followed an up-and-down career with a scattershot Spring Training (Webster’s should seriously consider placing his picture next to the definition of inconsistent) and enters the game with the usual question marks. Will he remain composed? Can he throw strikes? Will he avoid imploding when things inevitably go awry?

As you well know, I’m solidly in his corner. I find him utterly fascinating. The raw underlying talent, the quirky (and at times child-like) personality, the self-destructive tendencies: he’s an irresistible attraction for me. If he can consistently harness his talents, he can still be a force in the Mets’ rotation. Sure, it’s an awfully big if. But, to paraphrase Jim Carey, I’m saying he still has a chance. That’s good enough for me.

It all starts today. A good first start could go a long way for Ollie. Let’s hope he has one today, because in all honesty, that’s all we can do at this point.


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