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A Flight of Fancy

Posted by JD on April 18, 2010

I came across this blog post from FanGraphs while researching how service time is calculated and I must say, I love it. The gist of the post is that the Royals have grossly underestimated Ka’aihue (they have) and, as such, “it’s time to free Kila Ka’aihue”. I couldn’t agree more.

Look past the awesome name and you’ll see a pretty awesome player. Focus on the AAA numbers for a moment: 737 plate appearances netted 66 extra base hits and 137 walks, but only 119 strike outs. Sure, the batting average isn’t perfect, but who cares? His OBP is .405: he’s a valuable offensive player.

Unfortunately, the post doesn’t get into trade specifics. Although the author mentions the Orioles and Mets as candidates for Ka’aihue’s services, he doesn’t suggest compensation. That’s ok, because while I would love to have him on our team, the Mets are just about the last team that would take a chance on Ka’aihue (obviously, the Royals are one of the others). To clarify: the Royals released Mike Jacobs, and the Mets picked him up. The two organizations clearly have similar views about the worth of players like Ka’aihue. Even though he may be available, it’s a pipe dream to suggest that the Mets would take a chance on him.

This will be a moot point if Ike Davis lives up to his advanced billing. But a guy can dream, and it would be awesome to root for an on-base machine named Kila. Sigh…


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