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Meaningful Baseball

Posted by JD on April 30, 2010

I should have put quotes around that title, because I believe there’s no such thing as meaningless baseball. Sure, some games have much less meaning than meaning than others: I’m not saying that a game from last September meant the same as Game 6 in ’86. But it’s a sliding scale, and you can always find something important, if you just look hard enough. But I digress…

Tonight’s game, and this weekend’s series, are meaningful games, and the Mets seem to know it. Their coming off an almost serendipitous run: they got hot when three teams got cold, had some big hits, capitalized off some boneheaded plays, and came away with a 9-1 record. They went from last to first in the division and seem to have momentum on their side. The Phillies have scuffled a bit, with a 4-6 record in their last 10 games. But (and do I really have to right this?) they’re the defending NL champs, and they’ll have that until the Mets can knock them off.

It’s an early-season statement series, plain and simple. I hate to put too much into three games in April/May, but I have to think that their collective morale would be greatly boosted by taking the series. I suppose it would also “send a message”. I don’t really buy that, but whatever.

This much is certain: the Mets travel to Cincinnati then host San Francisco and Washington, all winnable series. A nice showing this weekend could set them up for a good week. Here are your starting pitchers:

Friday: LHP Jon Niese (0-1, 3.68) vs. RHP Kyle Kendrick (0-0, 7.71), 7:05 p.m. ET (SNY, WFAN)

Saturday: RHP Mike Pelfrey (4-0, 0.69) vs. RHP Roy Halladay (4-1, 1.80), 3:10 p.m. ET (Fox, WFAN)

Sunday: LHP Johan Santana (3-1, 2.08) vs. LHP Jamie Moyer (2-2, 5.25), 8:07 p.m., ET (ESPN, WFAN)

And a series preview (both courtesy of ESPN New York).

As always, Let’s Go Mets!

UPDATE: Tonight’s game is on WPIX 11.


One Response to “Meaningful Baseball”

  1. Mets Flu said

    While it might not take effect in the standings so much, I think it is good for the Mets self-esteem, and ego’s knowing they can beat the Phillies, the two time defending NL champs.

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