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Oh Look, Another Ollie Post!

Posted by JD on May 14, 2010

I know, nobody wants to read them. I’m getting sick of writing them, too. But Oliver Perez fascinates me to no end, and he’s facing yet another season-defining start tonight, so here we go.

Perez is coming off a meltdown against the Giants last Sunday and there’s a mounting perception that his rotation spot is in jeopardy. I can’t argue it (as I have no inside information whatsoever), but I struggle to believe it. The Mets have long displayed a serious aversion to eating sunk costs (see: Castillo, Luis) and Jerry Manuel has stated that he’s reluctant to experiment with Perez in the bullpen, so I don’t see him going anywhere. As I wrote in my previous Ollie-post, they could conceivably send him down to Buffalo, so there is that. But I doubt they would bury him there (again, because of his salary) so that would be a temporary move at best.

So, baring an injury or miraculous trade, we are stuck with Perez. At this point, I won’t even waste my breath hoping that he’ll find consistency: inconsistent pitcher is inconsistent.  We’ll just have to take what we get and hope the Mets can find away around his bad days.

If there’s any good news tonight (and you knew I’d look for it), Perez has a 10.4 K/9 ratio in 40 innings at Dolphins Stadium, and the Marlins have a collective .228/.308/.369 slash line against him there. Granted, none of those innings came in 2010. Or 2009. So take it with an extremely large grain of salt.

That being said, I certainly hope he can replicate his previous “success” against the Marlins. We’ll know soon enough.


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