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Mets Sign International Free Agents

Posted by JD on July 8, 2010

The Mets announced the signing today of two international free agents from Venezuela, OF Vicente Lupo and IF Leon Jackson Canelon. Remember the caveat I gave in my post about the amateur draft? Well, it applies to these two even more. I literally know nothing more about them than has been reported here, but I’m excited nonetheless.

Omar Minaya has had a decent eye for international free agents, and that track record is encouraging. What’s more encouraging (to me, at least), is that the Mets are investing in young talent. I recently wrote a post scolding them for “sticking to slot” in the amateur draft. Foolishly, I never considered that they might turn around and spend that money elsewhere.

Granted, I’d love to see them loosen the purse strings and sign high-quality talent in the draft and international free agency, but I understand that they have budgetary considerations. Given that the draft is a crapshoot, they might feel that it’s a better allocation of assets to spend at slot and there and spend the difference in the international market. I can’t argue with that: I don’t know their budget. I’m just happy to see them continue to invest in young talent, and hopefully we’ll see them sign a few more.


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