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Wright’s Times on Base

Posted by JD on September 27, 2010

Earlier this year, David Wright passed Mike Piazza for second on the Mets’ all-time leader-board for runs batted in. It got some play in the local media and among some fans: the only player higher on the list is Daryl Strawberry (with 733 RBI). That’s great and all, but Wright actually set a more significant franchise record: he passed Strawberry for the lead in times on base, with 1,656.

It doesn’t mean all that much in the grand scheme of things: 1,656 times on base is good for 614th all-time, right behind Jack Smith (1,657) and just ahead of Rupert Jones (1,649). Sorting by age tells a better story: Wright’s 1,656 times on base is good for 49th among players in their age 27 season. For the record, that’s two times on base more than Derek Jeter had through the same number of seasons (to be fair, Wright’s played in 61 more games than Jeter). Changing gears slightly, Wright’s career 135 OPS+ ties him with Hanley Ramirez and Carl Yastremski for players in their age 27 (or younger) season.

David Wright has certainly struggled these past two seasons. The increase in strike-outs, the fluctuating power numbers, and his inconsistent defense are all red-flags. But his career numbers suggest that while the Mets may be presented with appealing trade offers should they choose to shop him, they better think long and hard before pulling the trigger: it’s not easy to replace his level of talent.


4 Responses to “Wright’s Times on Base”

  1. I didn’t realize that Wright is in the top 50 all-time for his age in Total Bases. Wright is not a true superstar, but he is the most indispensible player on the Mets. The poisonous atmosphere surrounding the Mets might be taking a toll on his on-field performance. Let’s hope things improve in that regard.
    Nice post, Bill

    • JD said

      It’s actually not Total Bases. Times on Base (as defined by Baseball Reference) is Hits plus Walks plus Hit By Pitch. I screwed up when I wrote the post and originally published it with Total Bases as the title. But it’s still an important record: Wright has gotten on base (and created more scoring opportunities as a result) more than any other player in franchise history, and he’s in pretty good company historically when you factor in his age.

      To your point, he may well be struggling as a result of the conditions he’s played in the past several seasons. It would be a shame to give up on him early just because the team has had a rough couple of years.

  2. My bad. I do like the guy. In fact, he’s the player in the on- deck circle on the mast-head of my blog.
    Cheers, Bill

  3. Interesting post JD. Very informative.

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