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Quality Moves, Done Stealthily

Posted by JD on January 4, 2011

As you know, the Mets added Chris Capuano and Taylor Buchholz (for details on the signings, see here, here and here). These are nice, solid moves. Neither pitcher will change the competitive balance in the NL East, but they represent smart gambles. Their injury histories are not insignificant (two Tommy John surgeries for Capuano, one for Buchholz), but as a result, neither are their salaries (roughly $2.1 million combined). They’re not sure things, but there’s a reasonable chance that they can contribute positively and only a minimal financial commitment if they don’t. These are exactly the types of moves a team with budget constraints should be making.

Come to think of it, all of the Mets’ acquisitions have fit this mold. Whether it be solid complimentary pieces (D.J. Carrasco and Ronny Paulino), cheap young talent (Brad Emaus and Pedro Beato), or other reasonable gambles (Chin-lung Hu, Boof Bonser, Dusty Ryan), Sandy Alderson and Co. have maximized their available resources to bolster the existing roster. You can complain about the lack of big names or the long periods of inactivity, but the fact is that the Mets are acting with severe restrictions. They will no longer wantonly toss around their money in pursuit of the next quick fix.

Considering that framework, I think the Mets are doing an excellent job of maximizing their available resources. We don’t know for sure if this group of players will be better than the supporting cast from last season, but we do know that they’re track records indicate they will be (and their price tags limit their downsides if they aren’t). That’s good enough for me.

On a related note, I can’t help but be impressed by Alderson & Co.’s stealthiness. There was minimal warning time before the Carrasco and Paulino signings and no indication that Emaus and Beato were targets in the Rule 5 draft, but the Capuano and Buchholz signings came out of nowhere. I’ll grant that the pursuit of Chris Young has been somewhat more public, but even that has been largely without fanfare. What a breath of fresh air when compared to the near-constant flow of leaks from the previous organization. If nothing else, I think we can all agree that Alderson & Co. have done their best to maintain their bargaining position by controlling the flow of information coming from their own staff. For that, they deserve kudos.


3 Responses to “Quality Moves, Done Stealthily”

  1. I agree. I am definitely optimistic now about where this franchise is headed, although I’m sure there’ll be some bumps in the road, especially during this coming year.
    Nice Work, Bill

  2. Ceetar said

    I’ve always wondered what the dynamic was that lead to these stupid leaks and how these last couple of moves snuck out. Was it simply Omar was being undermined and second-guessed more and more, increasing the people “in the know” that could leak? Were some of these people that leaked things some of the guys that got fired? Could it be that most of the new guys don’t have a repoirte (sp) with the reporters to give them tidbits? Could it be less people care about the Mets enough to keep digging with ‘breaking’ news? Could it be a coincidence, in that agents (Boras) leak a lot of these things and these particular agents are just quieter, or see no benefit in leaks?

    Time will tell I suppose, but I do like a little more of this secrecy. Maybe this will result in the Mets getting less screwed in leaking which players on waivers they got from Boston and therefore having that play get blocked/claimed by the Yankees.

  3. I’m a Cubs fan but I have been paying attention. I think this guy has what it takes to get the Mets back on track. Even though many seem to think they can’t compete in 2011, they sure as a heck have a lot of talent, and if they all “click” at the same time things could get interesting in the East.

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