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Something Nice, 4/24/11

Posted by JD on April 24, 2011

Man, these posts sure are fun to write during four-game winning streaks. Lots of positives came out of today’s win, but I’m going with Jason Pridie’s first major league home run, a three-run homer that gave the Mets added cushion (which would eventually come in handy). I’m a bit of a sap when it comes to sentimental milestones and I was leaning toward choosing Pridie from the minute the ball cleared the wall. 27 years-old, he appeared in 973 minor league games (and 11 games for the Twins as a September call-up in 2008 & 09) before being called up on Friday. He collect his first major league hit yesterday and topped it today with his first homer*. Mike Mazzeo of ESPN NY caught up with Pridie after the game and did a really nice job describing his reaction.

Pridie’s not likely to be with the club much longer (I can’t see him beating out Willie Harris and Scott Hairston when Angel Pagan returns from the disabled list), so it’s nice to see him make the most of his time here. Hopefully he shows enough to land a job with another team (if he chooses not to return to the Bisons when he’s ultimately designated for assignment) but if not, he’s at least notched some important career milestones and made a few good memories for himself.

*If the useless old stat of “Game Winning RBI” was still official, Pridie would have earned one today.


2 Responses to “Something Nice, 4/24/11”

  1. JD-

    I love this new series you are doing — “something nice” — I look forward to it hitting my inbox, especially after a win 🙂 I think you nailed today’s with Pridie. Like you I’m a sucker for milestones and just love seeing the career minor leaguer do something good when he gets called up… Sny did a great job capturing the moment when they showed Pridie smiling as he went down the dugout steps while being congratulated by his teammates…

  2. JD said

    I was getting down reading the negativity in my twitter feed and wanted to point out something positive from each game. It’s funny: the negativity is coming from less than 5% of the people I follow, but the agita it was giving me was way, way out of proportion and here we are. Glad you like it: here’s hoping we have plenty more “easy posts” in 2011!

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