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Mets Minutia – Let’s Rethink This

Posted by JD on December 12, 2009

I’m enjoying my new gimmick, Mets Minutia. It gives me an excuse to learn more about the Mets and keeps me posting here, which is nice. I need the work, and I value the discipline that comes from making daily posts. It’s good and I’m going to continue it, but I have to make a tweak. A rather large, obvious, face-palm of a tweak.

Right. Mets Walk-Offs And Other Minutiae. Anybody who’s been around the Mets blogosphere for more than a week know that this site absolutely nails it. It’s a must read. Heck, I even link to it on my own site (hence the face-palm).

Now, I want to make it clear that I’m not trying to copy what they’re doing with this gimmick. I don’t think it’s even all that similar, but I want to avoid any confusion. So I announce, with great fanfare, that I will now refer to it as “Flushing Frivolities”.

I think it really captures the spirit of the thing.

Ahem. Seeing as I’m making announcements and renaming things, I might as well address this now: this blog is officially moving up four rows and over one section. I renewed my season ticket plan because the Mets allowed me to move my seats away from the Annoying One. They’re not on the aisle, but they are on the home plate side of the bannister, so no more douchebags blocking our view with Facebook photo ops. And we know the guys sitting next to us, so the situation should be vastly improved. We shall see.

That being said, it seems that the blog name is obsolete now, doesn’t it? I’ve no idea what I’m going to call it and there’s the chance that sheer laziness will result in it never changing. I doubt it will be adequately snarky and catchy, but I’ll give it my best shot.

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Mets Minutia – 12/11/09

Posted by JD on December 11, 2009

The Mets home run leader board is topped by Darryl Strawberry (252) and Mike Piazza (220). 32 home runs is about a season’s worth of homers for a better-than-average home run hitter, and that’s about what the leaderboard shows: Straw had 608 more at-bats as a Met than Piazza (although he played in 276 more games). Straw had back-to-back 39 home run seasons in 87/88, Piazza hit 40 and 38 in 99/00, respectively. Straw’s home run/at-bat ratio as a Met was 5.54/1, Piazza’s was 5.58/1.

Hey, I know it’s not my best Minutia. Not by a long shot. But it’s Friday, it’s been a long week, and I’m just trying not to overthink this whole gimmick. So take it for what it’s worth: when it comes to home runs, Strawberry and Piazza were fairly equal as Mets.

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Mets Minutia – 12/10/09

Posted by JD on December 10, 2009

As we learned earlier, Mike Piazza grounded into 27 double plays in 1999 (which led the league) and 26 in 2002. Piazza grounded into 229 double plays over his entire career, reaching double digits 13 times (in only 16 seasons!) and recording more than 20 four times. Piazza is in second place on the Mets’ all-time leaderboard for GIDP with 132, trailing Ed Kranepool by only six GIDP despite having 2,056 fewer plate appearences (third place is held by another catcher, Jerry Grote).

That got me thinking: who’s on the Hall of Fame leaderboard for GIDP? Yes, I know Piazza’s not in the Hall of Fame yet. The point of this exercise is to determine whether or not his GIDP totals will stand out when compared to the players already in the Hall. One caveat: GIDP didn’t become an official stat in the NL until 1933 and the AL until 1939. So, I omitted all the Hall of Famers whose careers started before 1939. For the record, that includes Babe Ruth, Honus Wagner, Lou Gehrig, Rogers Hornsby, Ty Cobb, Hank Greenburg, and many others.

That being said, the results were surprising. Piazza would tie with Ernie Banks and trail 17 Hall of Famers. Here’s the full list:

1 Cal Ripken 350 1981 2001
2 Hank Aaron 328 1954 1976
3 Carl Yastrzemski 323 1961 1983
4 Dave Winfield 319 1973 1995
5 Eddie Murray 316 1977 1997
6 Jim Rice 315 1974 1989
7 Brooks Robinson 297 1955 1977
8 Roberto Clemente 275 1955 1972
9 Al Kaline 271 1953 1974
10 Frank Robinson 269 1956 1976
11 Tony Perez 268 1964 1986
12 Tony Gwynn 260 1982 2001
13 Willie Mays 251 1951 1973
14 Harmon Killebrew 243 1954 1975
15 Stan Musial 243 1941 1963
16 Wade Boggs 236 1982 1999
17 George Brett 235 1973 1993

Willie Mays? Stan Musial? Hank Aaron? Piazza’s not eligible yet but when he is, he won’t have to worry about his GIDP total.

And I think it’s just awesome that Cal Ripken leads this list. I loved watching him early in his career, but couldn’t stand him by the time he finished. So it was nice to see him take the top spot. But that’s just me.

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Mets Minutia – 12/9/09

Posted by JD on December 9, 2009

Continuing the fascination with double plays, we find that Fernando Tatis had a streak of three games from June 22-24 during which he grounded into at least one double play. And he wasn’t alone: Wilson (Exxon) Valdez (September 18-20) and Gary Sheffield (August 3-5) also had three game streaks. This marked the first time in 22 years that the franchise had three such streaks in one season. 1987 saw Gary Carter, Keith Hernandez, and Kevin McReynolds all record three-game streaks of at least one GIDP.

And in case you’re wondering, the franchise record for most games in a row with at least one GIDP is four, shared by George Foster (1982), Ray Knight (1985), Gary Carter (1987), and Victor (Minny Manny) Diaz (2005). And you thought Victor Diaz didn’t hold any records…

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Mets Minutia – 12/8/09

Posted by JD on December 8, 2009

Much was made last season of Fernando Tatis‘ proclivity for grounding into double plays, and rightfully so. Even though he only had 340 at-bats, it felt like he grounded into a double play every other bat. And he did GIDP once every 26.15 at-bats, which is nothing to write home about. But that’s nowhere near the top of the leaderboard. It’s less than half what Mike Piazza produced in his 1999 season (27), and exactly half of the second highest total (26, by Piazza in 02 and Cleon Jones in 70). In fact, Tatis doesn’t even come close to the┬átop ten in that category. So he’s got that going for him, right?

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