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Mets Twitter Game: Blessing or Curse?

Posted by JD on May 12, 2009

I started the Mets Twitter game with the thought that it would be a nice way to add a little flavor to the Mets season. Obviously, I love the Mets and enjoy watching each game. I find that having a little side wager adds to that enjoyment, no matter how inconsequential. So I’m thrilled to host the game and share it with everyone in my Twitter-circle.

The unintended negative? The overwhelming majority of hits on this blog have been related to the Twitter game. I get excited when my blog stats show double-digit page views, but I get discouraged when I see that the overwhelming majority are related to the Twitter game. 

Let me clarify: this is not a complaint. Until I start generating Webby-worthy blog posts, I’ll be glad to live with it. Baby steps…


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